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~ReZENerate Nano Needling Facial

ReZENerate Nano Needling treatment reduces fines lines and evens skin tone. The ReZENerate painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the skin, allowing for greater absorption of active ingredients and nutrients during each customized treatment. The skin is exfoliated, plumped and takes on a beautiful glow. Fabulous choice for someone who wants a corrective treatment without any downtime. 80 minutes.

~ReZENerate Nano Needling Facial$145.00

~DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy

DMK, the only company in the world to utilize transfer messenger enzymes to rapidly restore the health, vibrancy and natural functioning of the skin, leaving it firm, healthy and nourished in as little as one treatment.

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~DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy $145.00

~Orange Chocolate Facial

Delight your senses with the citrusy tang of Orange Zest. It is the perennial favorite when it comes to the holiday season. We’ve paired up our Orange Zest Enzyme and Dark Chocolate Mint Mask to deliver high levels of Vitamin C and create oxygenation in the skin for a holiday glow you will love. The Cacao in the Dark Chocolate Mint Mask creates a vasodilatory effect and will create flushing for an exchange of toxins within the skin. Orange Zest contains 4% Lactic Acid and 1.5% Glycolic Acid for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. Skin Conditions: Anti-aging, normal/combo, dry (not for rosacea due to the flushing effect of Cacao). 60 minutes.

Orange Chocolate Facial~$105.00

~Spiced Apple Cider Facial

This Spiced Apple Cider Facial has a beautiful medley of fall scents including nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples. Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally-occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in exfoliation. Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals. It will hydrate, firm and improve skin tone and suppleness. Skin Conditions: Anti-aging, normal/combination. 60 minutes.

Spiced Apple Cider Facial~$105.00

~Signature European Facial

This signature facial leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Includes, a gentle steaming to soften the skins stratum cornium layer. A boar bristle rotary brush cleansing of the face, neck and decollete is followed by an exfoliating gommage and a gentle multi fruit acid peel. Mechanical lymphatic drainage removes waste and excess fluids from the skin. A wonderfully relaxing and deep product penetrating massage is performed. Light extractions followed by an ozone treatment kills bacteria, oxygenates the tissue and evens skin tone. A modeling, bio-marine mask remineralizes the tissue. Warm, herbal infused towels prepare the skin for the final steps. A super hydrating, heavy water and hyaluronic acid infused toner is sprayed on the face and decollete. Specialized corrective serums are applied. Your treatment concludes with a light hydrating cream and sunscreen. Your skin will look beautiful and glowing! This treatment is customized for all skin types. Approximately: 60 Minutes. Add a collagen building, LED treatment to your facial for $25!!!

Signature European Facial$105.00
Signature European Facial w/ LED$130.00

~Signature Deluxe Facial

Using only the finest skin care products, this luxurious facial begins with a skin steaming that softening the skins hardened corneum layer. Natural boar bristle electric brushes start the deep pore cleansing of the face, neck & decollete. Next a 4 step exfoliating process including the gentle yet effective use of grafted fruit acids, further remove dead skin cell build up, revealing silky soft skin.
Mechanical lymphatic drainage removes underlying toxins, waste and excess fluids, reducing puffiness, redness, sensitivities, minimizing fine lines and dark circles. If appropriate, galvanic current then forces a highly concentrated serum ampoule chosen for your particular skin care concerns deeply into the lower layers of the skin. A long, relaxing facial massage using specific treatment creams, further penetrates skin loving products and increases blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. An extraction session removes blackheads. Ozone treatment kills bacteria, oxygenates the tissue and evens skin tone. This total state of bliss and relaxation continues with the application of a restoring mask followed by a décolleté treatment and full arm massage. Your skin will be treated with a micronized spray of deep penetrating and PH balancing elixir. This treatment concludes with the application of protection crème and sunscreen. All facials customized for your particular skin care needs.
See our testimonial page for customer comments on this most requested facial! Approximately 90 minutes.

Signature Deluxe Facial$135.00

~Red Carpet Grand Deluxe

This facial includes everything listed in the “Signature Deluxe Facial”, with the inclusion of:

1) Microdermabrasion*
2) Microcurrent lifting and toning treatment
3) LED Phototherapy

This treatment stimulates collagen production up to 400% on the face and neck, minimizing fine lines, reducing redness, firming the tissue and promoting clarified and glowing skin. This cellular energizing treatment is a must for all skin types. Your skin will be renewed, hydrated and glowing. *Microdermabrasion as deemed appropriate for your particular skin type. Approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Red Carpet Grand Deluxe$170.00

~Ultrasonic Deep Hydration Facial

Ultrasonic skin rejuvenation repairs your skin and stimulates your skin’s natural healing. This high-tech facial uses a specialized ultrasonic machine that emits high-frequency waves. Ultrasonic treatments benefit a variety of skin types and can improve many common skin conditions. The Ultrasonic Facial treatment is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe and suitable for all skin types. From acne and rosacea to mature and aging skin. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this treatment. Increased blood flow stimulates collagen, the body’s primary structural protein, providing strength and resilience to dermal tissue. This advanced anti-aging procedure gives your skin a much healthier, more youthful look and feel. Ultrasound waves penetrate ampoules of DNA, Stem Cells and Collagen into the skin to deep-cleanse, hydrate, promote collagen production, and kill bacteria. Increased oxygen and blood circulation to underlying tissues leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed, revitalized and glowing. Ultrasound is an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots and mature skin. Results are noticeable after only one treatment.

Ultrasonic Deep Hydration Facial$105.00
Ultrasonic Deluxe 90 Minute Facial$145.00

~The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

Used in the finest skin care facilities and is popular among celebrities and the elite. This non invasive, ultimate treatment produces immediate and visible results. A lifting, firming and toning effect on the face and neck tissue is achieved after one treatment. A single pass with Microdermabrasion is used to prepare the skin for treatment. Using the finest equipment, MicroCurrent uses low level electrical impulses that mimic the bodies own electrical current. By stockpiling adenosine tryphosphate (ATP), the cells energy system, the skins cells are able to revert back to their youthful state. Red Light LED Phototherapy, originally created by NASA to stimulate photosynthesis in plant cells, stimulates collagen production and healing of the skin. This helps to firm the skins tissue and minimizes fine lines. Although improvement is immediate, long lasting results require 10 to 15 treatments 2-3xs a week and a monthly maintenance treatment. Call for more information on this incredible treatment. Before and after pictures are available. Let me give you a complementary 1/2 face treatment.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Treatment$120.00
Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 7 Treatments$700.00
Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 15 Treatments$1200.00

~Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion uses a stream of anti-bacterial crystals to gently ”sandblast” the skin. Not only is the stratum corneum partially removed, the pelting action of the crystals stimulates the production of collagen, lessens scars and hyper pigmentation. Fine lines are diminished and skin breakouts are reduced. All facial Microdermabrasion treatments offer a 5 step exfoliating protocol, which includes a light peel. Ozone treatment oxygenates the tissue. Light extraction work performed. A calming mask and vaso-constrictors pull redness. Approx:60 Minutes~ Add a collagen building LED treatment:$25

Microdermabrasion with LED Treatment$130.00
Microdermabrasion ~ Series of 7 $630.00

~Hyper-Pigmentation/Brightening Facial

This 75 minute Hyper-pigmentation/Brightening Facial utilizes Microdermabrasion, a resurfacing peel with copper peptides & DMAE, a Hyper-pigmentaion Peel and full panel LED light. Relaxing and revitalizing to the skin, this treatment helps to brighten and whiten the complexion.
Hyper-Pigmentation Facial with Copper Peptides & DMAE

Pigmentation/Brightening Facial$125.00

~Le Petite Express Facial

The perfect facial for the "On The Go, Gal". This personalized facial includes: Steam cleansing, two step chemical exfoliation process, oxygenation treatment, application of hydrating/balancing ampoules, and finishing creams. The skin feels renewed and alive. Approx: 25 minutes.

Le Petite Express Facial $55.00

~Clean Sweep Treatment

Whisk away dead summer skin with this 30 minute brightening treatment.

1) Cleansing and pre-treatment of the skin
2) Microdermabrasion
3) Papaya Enzyme Peel
4) Finishing Hydrators & Sunscreen

Clean Sweep Treatment$55.00

~Enzyme Exfoliation w/ LED PhotopulsationTherapy

LED Photopulsation therapy is a non-invasive, safe & gentle cosmetic treatment to improve the clarity and smoothness of most types of skin, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Your skin will appear tighter & more radiant, showing continued and gradual improvement with each visit. A series of six(6) 45 minute relaxing treatments, with a 1-2 week interval between each is recommended. Afterwards, a session every two months will maintain your skin.. ***For INCREDIBLE results, treat your skin to the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial. By layering my most powerful and effective skin care protocols, Microcurrent, LED and Microdermabrasion, performed in a series will give you dramatic results. You’ll see and feel the difference.

Enzyme Exfoliation w/LED Treatment$55.00
Enzyme Exfoliation/LED Photo Therapy~Series of 8 $270.00

~Acne Clearing Facials

Two Treatments, spaced one week apart, encourage the healing and clearing of this difficult skin condition. This facial utilizes Blue Light LED in its treatment to kill the blemish causing P.acnes bacterium. The acne clearing protocol for this treatment includes cleansing, salicylic peel, mild extractions (see "Extraction Facial" for severe blackhead removal), Blue LED, Ozone treatment, sebum normalizing cream. Approx 60 minutes.

Acne Clearing Facial$105.00
2 Acne Clearing Facials $175.00
Additional Extractions Per Facial Session$15.00

~Extraction Facial

Not for the faint of heart. This pore purging facial focus’s on manual extraction technique. Double steamers prepare the skin. An ultrasonic skin cleansing, removes dead cells, opening the pathways for debris removal. Cataphoresis liquefies the impacted pores. After extensive extractions are performed. High frequency treatment kills bacteria on the surface of the skin. Iontophoresis penetrates a draining and healing cream into the skin. A calming, healing mask is applied. A sebum balancing serum and sunscreen finish this treatment.
Perfect for blackhead ridden skin. More than one treatment may be necessary. 70 minutes.

Extraction Facial$105.00